Oct 252018

English [French translation below] NEMO-Online is delighted to propose this new article by Amine Beyhom on notational tools and graphical analyses of melody and rythm. Musical notation has been reputed as disqualified for the analysis of “Foreign” musics since – at least – the experiments of Charles Seeger with the Melograph. It is nevertheless still used as the main analytic – and teaching – tool for these musics in most researches in musicology, and today in the teaching of these musics in autochthonous conservatories. Seeger’s experiments brought at his time cutting-edge solutions – and alternatives – to score notation but, [more…]

Jun 092013

(English) We are very pleased to announce that Cem Behar, Professor at the İstanbul Sehir Üniversitesi, has joined the Academic Board of NEMO-Online. Cem Behar has published many books and articles about Ottoman music of which he is a recognised scholar. His competence will be an asset to the scientific Board of NEMO-Online. We warmly welcome him among us. (French) Nous avons le très grand plaisir d’annoncer que Cem Behar, Professeur à la İstanbul Sehir Üniversitesi, a rejoint le Comité de rédaction de NEMO-Online. Cem Behar a publié de nombreux livres et articles traitant de la musique ottomane et en [more…]