May 012017

[Download links for the article and the Power Point show at the end]

Amine Beyhom’s article “A Hypothesis for the Elaboration of Heptatonic Scales”, originally entitled  “A New Hypothesis for the Elaboration of Heptatonic Scales and their Origins” and published (2010) in the proceedings of ICONEA 2008, has been emendated, updated and enriched, and is reissued for NEMO-Online Vol. 4 No. 6.

New research since its first publication presented complementary and sometimes clarifying facts which, with the evolution of terminology (see Beyhom’s “Lexicon” in NEMO-Online Vol. 2 No. 2 – in French), makes it indispensable to publish this new edition. Most of the tables and figures have been reintegrated in the body text, and a dedicated appendix (Appendix G) has been added concerning Octavial scales with limited transposition.

To comply with NEMO-Online publishing policy, and as with all articles of the review since Volume 3, the pdf version includes bookmarks corresponding to the titles, sub-titles, tables and figures, which should help the reader navigate between the different parts of the article.

Note: former Appendix G in the 2010 version (complete database – quarter-tone model with reduced alphabet of intervals – now Appendix I), and new Appendices J (generation of systems with the extended alphabet from 2 to 24 quarter-tones – raw results from the program Modes V. 5) and K (17ths of the octave full alphabet heptatonic generations of systems) are available below for download. Additionally, one Power Point show illustrating (mainly) Appendix G with audio examples, is proposed as a complement.

Amine Beyhom : A Hypothesis for the Elaboration of Heptatonic Scales,” Near Eastern Musicology Online 4 6 |2017-05| p. 5–90.