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NEMO-Online Vol. 5 Nos. 8&9 is now available for downloading and as hardcover (links below) / Le Vol. 5 nos 8&9 de NEMO-Online est disponible pour téléchargement et en version cartonnée imprimée (liens ci-dessous).

All pdf articles in theses volumes are available individually at and bookmarked for titles, subtitles and figures / tous les articles au format pdf de ces volumes sont téléchargeables individuellement à et contiennent des marque-pages correspondant aux titres, sous-titres et figures.

NEMO-Online Vol. 5

Editor’s letter / Éditorial / كلمة الناشرين p. i-xii

NEMO-Online No. 8 (Vol. 5)

  • Amine Beyhom: The Lost Art of Maqām – With four video analyses of performances by Evelyne Daoud, Neyzen Tewfik, Hamdi Makhlouf, and by ʿAlī Maḥmūd and Sāmī a-sh-Shawwā,” Near-Eastern Musicology Online 5 8 |2019-11| p. 5–64.
    • Accompanying material:
      • One video analysis of Yā Nasīm a-ṣ-Ṣabā performed by ʿAlī Maḥmūd and violinist Sāmī a-sh-Shawwā with an additional third-tempo version (see also below)
      • Three previously published video analyses:
        • Video analysis of “Akh tagorye hʾashyrie” (Syriac Orthodox Chant) sung by Evelyne Daoud
        • Video analysis of an improvisation for the ʿūd played in maqām Ṣabā by Hamdi Makhlouf
        • Video analysis in 3D of a Huseynî Taksim performed by Neyzen Tevfik
      • Slide-projection based video explaining heterophony through the use of audio editing and mixing tools with four extracts from songs
  • Nemo-Online No. 8 proposes a first set of Books and CD reviews. Two books and one CD are reviewed:
    • Avra Pieridou Skoutella : Small musical worlds in the Mediterranean: ethnicity, globalization and Greek Cypriot children’s musical identities, Ashgate |Farnham, Surrey ; Burlington, VT, 2015|, reviewed by Rosy and Amine Beyhom, Near-Eastern Musicology Online 5 8 |2019-11| p. 65–66.
    • Jean-François Goudesenne : Émergence du chant grégorien : les strates de la branche Neustro-insulaire (687-930) – Tome I. Étude historique et philologique, Tome II. Annexes, planches et édition, MŪSAM (MUSICALIA ANTIQUITATIS & MEDII AEVI) 2 vols., Brepols |Turnhout (Belgique), 2018|, reviewed by Rosy and Amine Beyhom, Near-Eastern Musicology Online 5 8 |2019-11| p. 66–69.
    • CD recorded by Melpo Merlier : ‘and let us sing in praise’ – Byzantine Hymns recorded in 1930 by Melpo Merlier, EDO (HERE) |Athens and Volos (Greece), March 2000|, reviewed by Rosy and Amine Beyhom, Near-Eastern Musicology Online 5 8 |2019-11| p. 69–71.

NEMO-Online No. 9 (Vol. 5)

  • Amine Beyhom: Dossier: Was the Early Arabian ʿūd ‘fretted’?,” Near Eastern Musicology Online 5 9 |2020-11| p. 113–196.
    • Additional material:
      • Video no. 1 (YouTube publication) entitled Fretting of the ʿūd according to (al-) Kindī,‎ ‎ ‎and showing the stringing and positioning of the frets ‎as explained by (al-) Kindī, for both a “Harmonic” ‎and a Pythagorean tunings;
      • Video no. 2 (YouTube publication) entitled Fretting of the ʿūd according to Ibn a-ṭ-Ṭaḥḥān and showing the same procedure but with one set of strings described by (ibn a-ṭ-) Ṭaḥḥān.

Vol. 5 Nos. 8&9 (pdf).

Vol. 5 Nos. 8&9 (hardcover/version papier).

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