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References and Citation guidelines for NEMO-Online contributions (see Transliteration Tables below)


Sigles pour les revues et les dictionnaires / Abbreviations for periodicals and dictionaries

  • AMw: Archiv für Musikwissenschaft
  • AsM: Asian Music
  • BMw: Beiträge zur Musikwissenschaft
  • CMc: Current Musicology
  • CSM: Corpus scriptorum de musica
  • CoussemakerS: C.-E.-H. de Coussemaker: Scriptorum de musica medii aevi nova series (Paris, 1864–76)
  • EMDC: Encyclopédie de la Musique et Dictionnaire du Conservatoire (Gen. Editor : Albert Rouannet), Paris
  • EthM: Ethnomusicology
  • GerbertS: M. Gerbert: Scriptores ecclesiastici de musica sacra potissimum (St Blasien, 1784/R, 3/1931)
  • GfMKB: Gesellschaft für Musikforschung: Kongress-Bericht
  • HMT: Handwörterbuch der musikalischen Terminologie
  • IMSCR: International Musicological Society Congress Report
  • JAMS: Journal of the American Musicological Society
  • JFSS: Journal of the Folk-Song Society
  • JMT: Journal of Music Theory
  • KJb: Kirchenmusikalisches Jahrbuch
  • MD: Musica disciplina
  • Mf: Die Musikforschung
  • MGG1-2: Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart
  • ML: Music & Letters
  • MTO: Music Theory Online
  • MQ: Musical Quarterly
  • MR: Music Review
  • MSD: Musicological Studies and Documents
  • NG: New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (2001 edition)
  • NOHM: New Oxford History of Music
  • PAMS: Papers of the American Musicological Society
  • SMH: Studia Musicologica academiae scientiarium Hungaricae
  • StrunkSR1,2: O. Strunk: Source Readings in Music History (New-York 1950/R, reviewed 2/1998 by L. Treitler)
  • TVNM: Tijdschrift van de Vereniging voor Nederlandse Musikgeschiedenis
  • YIFMC: Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council


Normes de référencement bibliographique / Guidelines for references in the bibliography

A CSL sheet will be very soon available for zotero, providing automatic referencing for Word and open office Write

General layout

< Name (Small capital letters)>, <Forename (complete if available)>, <other authors – limited to three (use “, et al.” for supplementary authors) – in the format “Forename, Name (Small capital letters)”>: <Title (“Ms.” added if needed in the title for manuscripts)>, <Magazine or review if any>, < “vol. number” (if available)> <“editor Forename, Name” (if available – initial capital letters)> <series series number (if any)> <Type (PhD thesis, Master thesis etc.) (CD, Tape, DVD etc. of Media if any)>, <Label for Media>, <Publisher (or Library for manuscripts)> <|Publishing place, year(with alphabetical disambiguation)-month-day|> <[“ISBN:nnbs”“identifier” “doi:nnbs”“identifier” “url:nnbs”“address”] <p.“nnbs”“xxxx-yyyy”>.

<Title>: italics for books, manuscripts, quotes for articles, no quotes for conference papers.

< “vol. number” (if available)>: (if book or Encyclopedia volume) vol. number” “/”“number of volumes (vols.).

 “nnbs” = “narrow non breaking space”.


Book; no publishing place:

Coleman, Charles: The Mythology of the Hindus: With Plates, Parbury |1832|.


Journal Article, 1st occurrence of the same author, same year, with URL:

Coomaraswamy, Ananda: « Buddhist Primitives », The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs 28 154 |1916a-1-1| [url:] p. 151-155.


Journal article 2nd occurrence (same as above):

Coomaraswamy, Ananda: « Buddhist Primitives (Conclusion) », The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs 28 156 |1916b-3-1| [url:] p. 224-230.


Article with DOI and URL:

Coomaraswamy, Ananda: « Hindī Rāgmālā Texts », Journal of the American Oriental Society 43 |1923-1-1| [doi: 10.2307/593377. url: http://www.***.***/***/***] p. 396-409.


Book, no date:

Deva, Bigamudre Chaitanya: Indian music, Indian Council for Cultural Relations |Calcutta|.


Encyclopedia article, no author, online:

Encyclopædia Britannica: al-Biruni (Persian scholar and scientist) – Britannica Online Encyclopedia, [url:].
Encyclopedia volume (out of known number of volumes), no author, editor:

Stone, Ruth M., ed.: Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: Africa, vol. 1/10 (vols.), Taylor and Francis |United Kingdom, 1997-8-1|.


Encyclopedia article, author, no editor:

Njoku, Johnston Akuma-Kalu: “Art-Composed Music in Nigeria”, Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: Africa, vol. 1/10 (vols.), Taylor and Francis |United Kingdom, 1997-8-1| p. 232-253.


Encyclopedia article (volume number, unknown number of volumes), author, editor:

Bent, Ian D., David W. Hughes, Robert C. Provine, et al.: “Notation”, editor Stanley Sadie, New Grove: Dictionary of Music & Musicians 18/ |Oxford, 2001| p. 73-189.


Conference paper in proceedings, no editor:

Krishnaswamy, A.: Pitch measurements versus perception of South Indian classical music, Proceedings of the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference (SMAC-03) |2003|.



Powers, Harold S.: “[Review] Studies in Ethnomusicology, Vol. I, 1961 by M. Kolinski”, Ethnomusicology 6 3 |1962| p. 220-228.


Web page:

Milne, Andrew J and Anthony Prechtl: “New tonalities with the Thummer and The Viking”, (web page), Conference Item |2008-9| [url:].



Milne, Andrew J., Martin Carlé, William A. Sethares, et al.: “Scratching the Scale Labyrinth”, Mathematics and Computation in Music, eds. Carlos Agon, Moreno Andreatta, Gérard Assayag, et al., Springer Berlin Heidelberg |Berlin, Heidelberg, 2011| [url:] p. 180-195.


Untitled document with known author:

Miner, Allyn: “[untitled]”, Asian Music 22 1 |1990-10-1| [doi: 10.2307/834295. url:] p. 150-153.



Pejrolo, Andrea: The Origins of Modal Jazz in the Music of Miles Davis: A Complete Transcription and a Linear/harmonic Analysis of Ascenseur Pour L’Échafaud (Lift to the Scaffold)-1957, PhD Thesis, New York University, School of Education |2001|.






Patte, François: Rythmes et algorithmes (Ms.) [url:].


Anonymous article:

Anon.: “Errata: Minyo in Korea: Songs of the People and Songs for the People”, Asian Music 31 1 |1999-10-1| [doi: 10.2307/834277. url:].


Book with ISBN:

Strutt, John William: The Theory of Sound, Cambridge University Press |2011-8-25| [ISBN: 9781108032216].


Audio recording (Type = CD, Label = 7567-82733-2):

Anùna: Anùna, CD 1/2, 7567-82733-2 |1993|.



Citations dans le texte / Citations inside the text:

Complete disambiguation (+ NAME, +FORENAME, +DATE)

[<Name>, <Year>, <“v.” volume number>, “p.”“nnbs”<page numbers in full format>]


Exemples / Examples:

  • Book: [Garfias, 1975, p. 54-56]
  • Book part: [Padova & Herlinger, 1987, v. 3, p. xx-yy]
  • Book with re-edition: [you cite either the original or the re-edition]
  • Article: [Powers et al., 2001, p. 775-811]
  • Article on the internet: [Picard, 2005]

If the same reference is cited more than once, the shortened citation must be used again. Do not forget to mention the page numbers at the end of your shortened quotation. Use single inverted commas, ‘…’, for quotes within quotes. Commas, periods and spaces: after each comma or a period there should be one blank space; please do not use ibid., op. cit., loc. cit., idem., but cite the reference in its shortened form. Cross-references to page numbers within the text should limited to a necessary minimum. If a page reference is unavoidable it should be inserted in the typescript with the page number indicated as “O” (see p. O).


Feuille de style de translittération – de style / Available transliteration or style sheets


Liste complète des abbréviations / Complete Abbr. list (New Grove)


19CM 19th Century Music
ACAB American Composers Alliance Bulletin
AcM Acta musicologica
ADB Allgemeine deutsche Biographie (Leipzig, 1875-1912)
AdlerHM G. Adler, ed.: Handbuch der Musikgeschichte (Frankfurt, 1924, 2/1930/R)
AfM African Music
AH Analecta hymnica medii aevi
AllacciD L. Allacci: Drammaturgia
AllenH W. C. Allen: Hendersonia: the Music of Fletcher Henderson and his Musicians: a Bio-discography (Highland Park, NJ, 1973)
AM Antiphonale monasticum pro diurnis horis (Tournai, 1934)
AmbrosGM A.W. Ambros: Geschichte der Musik (Leipzig, 1862-82/R)
AMe Algemene muziekencyclopedie
AMeS Algemene muziekencyclopedie suppl.
AMf Archiv für Musikforschung
AMI L’arte musicale in Italia
AMMM Archivium musices metropolitanum mediolanense
AMP Antiquitates musicae in Polonia
AMw Archiv für Musikwissenschaft
AMZ Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung (1798-1848, 1863-5, 1866-82)
AMz Allgemeine (deutsche) Musik-Zeitung/Musikzeitung (1874-1943)
ANB American National Biography Online (
Anderson2 E.R. Anderson: Contemporary American Composers: a Biographical Dictionary
AnM Anuario musical
AnMc Analecta musicologica
AnnM Annales musicologiques
AnthonyFB J.R. Anthony: French Baroque Music from Beaujoyeulx to Rameau (London, 1973, 3/1997)
AntMI Antiquae musicae italicae
AÖAW Anzeiger der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, philosophisch-historische Klasse (1948-)
ApelG W. Apel: Geschichte der Orgel- und Klaviermusik bis 1700 (Kassel, 1967; Eng. trans., rev., 1972)
AR Antiphonale sacrosanctae romanae ecclesiae pro diurnis horis (Paris, Tournai and Rome, 1949)
ARJS Annual Review of Jazz Studies
ARSCJ Association for Recorded Sound Collections Journal
AS W.H. Frere, ed.: Antiphonale sarisburiense (London, 1901-25/R)
AshbeeR A. Ashbee: Records of English Court Music (Snodland/Aldershot, 1986-95)
AsM Asian Music
AudaM A. Auda: La musique et les musiciens de l’ancien pays de Liège
AusDB Australian Dictionary of Biography (Melbourne, 1966-96)
Baker5[–9] Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, 1958–2001
BalliettA (1986) W. Balliett: American Musicians: Fifty-six Portraits in Jazz (New York, and Oxford, England, 1986)
BalliettA (1996) W. Balliett: American Musicians II: Seventy-two Portraits in Jazz (New York, and Oxford, England, 1996)
BAMS Bulletin of the American Musicological Society
BDA A Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Managers & Other Stage Personnel in London, 1660-1800 (Carbondale, IL, 1973-93)
BDECM A. Ashbee and D. Lasocki, eds.: A Biographical Dictionary of English Court Musicians, 1485-1714 (Aldershot, 1998)
BDRSC A. Ho and D. Feofanov, eds.: Biographical Dictionary of Russian/Soviet Composers
BeckEP J.H. Beck: Encyclopedia of Percussion
BeJb Beethoven-Jahrbuch
BenoitMC M. Benoit: Musiques de cour: chapelle, chambre, écurie, 1661-1733 (Paris, 1971)
BenzingB J. Benzing: Die Buchdrucker des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts (Wiesbaden, 1963, 2/1982)
BerliozM H. Berlioz: Mémoires (Paris, 1870; ed. and trans. D. Cairns, 1969, 2/1970); ed. P. Citron (Paris, 1969, 2/1991)
BertolottiM A. Bertolotti: Musici alla corte dei Gonzaga in Mantova dal secolo XV al XVIII (Milan, 1890/R)
BHcF Bulletin du Hot Club de France
BicknellH S. Bicknell: The History of the English Organ (Cambridge, 1996)
BJb Bach-Jahrbuch
BladesPI J. Blades: Percussion Instruments and their History (London, 1970, 2/1974)
BlumeEK F. Blume: Die evangelische Kirchenmusik (Potsdam, 1931-4/R, enlarged 2/1965 as Geschichte der evangelischen Kirchenmusik; Eng. trans., enlarged, 1974, as Protestant Church Music: a History)
BMB Bibliotheca musica bononiensis (Bologna, 1967-)
BMw Beiträge zur Musikwissenschaft
BNB Biographie nationale [belge] (Brussels, 1866-1986)
BoalchM D.H. Boalch: Makers of the Harpsichord and Clavichord 1440 to 1840
BoetticherOL W. Boetticher: Orlando di Lasso und seine Zeit (Kassel, 1958)
BoetticherOL W. Boetticher: Orlando di Lasso und seine Zeit (Kassel, 1958)
BooneT O. Boone: Les tambours du Congo belge et du Ruanda-Urundi (Tervuren, 1951)
BooneX O. Boone: Les xylophones du Congo belge (Tervuren, 1936)
BoydenH D.D. Boyden: A History of Violin Playing from its Origins to 1761 (London, 1965)
BPM Black Perspective in Music
BrenetC M. Brenet: Les concerts en France sous l’ancien régime (Paris, 1900/R)
BrenetM M. Brenet: Les musiciens de la Sainte-Chapelle du Palais (Paris, 1910/R)
BrookB B.S. Brook, ed.: The Breitkopf Thematic Catalogue, 1762-1787 (New York, 1966)
BrookSF B.S. Brook: La symphonie française dans la seconde moitié du XVIIIe siècle (Paris, 1962)
BrownI H.M. Brown: Instrumental Music Printed Before 1600: a Bibliography (Cambridge, MA, 1965)
Brown-Stratton BMB J.D. Brown and S.S. Stratton: British MusicalBiography
BSIM Bulletin français de la S.I.M. [also Mercure musical and other titles]
BUCEM E.B. Schnapper, ed.: British Union-Catalogue of Early Music (London, 1957)
BurneyFI C. Burney: The Present State of Music in France and Italy (London, 1771, 2/1773)
BurneyGN C. Burney: The Present State of Music in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Provinces (London, 1773, 2/1775)
BurneyH C. Burney: A General History of Music from the Earliest Ages to the Present Period (London, 1776-89); ed. F. Mercer (London, 1935/R) [p. nos. refer to this edn]
BWQ Brass and Woodwind Quarterly
CaffiS F. Caffi: Storia della musica sacra nella già cappella ducale di San Marco in Venezia dal 1318 al 1797 (Venice, 1854-5/R); ed. E. Surian (Florence, 1987)
CaM Catalogus musicus (Kassel, 1963-)
CampbellGC M. Campbell: The Great Cellists
CampbellGV M. Campbell: The Great Violinists
CAO Corpus antiphonalium officii (Rome, 1963-79)
CarrJ I. Carr, D. Fairweather, and B. Priestley: Jazz: the Rough Guide (London, 1995, rev. and enlarged 2/2000)
CBY Current Biography Yearbook (1955-)
CC B. Morton and P. Collins, eds.: Contemporary Composers
CeBeDeM directory CeBeDeM et ses compositeurs affiliés, ed. D. von Volborth-Danys (Brussels, 1977-80)
CEKM Corpus of Early Keyboard Music
CEMF Corpus of Early Music (in Facsimile) (Brussels, 1970-72)
ChartersJ S. B. Charters: Jazz: New Orleans, 1885-1957: an Index to the Negro Musicians of New Orleans (Belleville, NJ, 1958, rev. 2/1963/R1983 as Jazz: New Orleans, 1885-1963: an Index to the Negro Musicians of New Orleans)
ChiltonB J. Chilton: Who’s Who of British Jazz (London and New York, 1997)
ChiltonW J. Chilton: Who’s Who of Jazz: Storyville to Swing Street (London, 1970, rev. and enlarged 4/1985)
CHM Collectanea historiae musicae (1953-66)
Choron-FayolleD A.-E. Choron and F.J.M. Fayolle: Dictionnaire historique des musiciens
CI Crescendo International
CK Contemporary Keyboard
ClinkscaleMP M.N. Clinkscale: Makers of the Piano
CM Le choeur des muses
CMc Current Musicology
CMI I classici musicali italiani (Milan, 1941-56)
CMM Corpus mensurabilis musicae
ČMm Časopis Moravského musea [muzea, 1977-]
CMR Contemporary Music Review
CMz Cercetări de muzicologie
CohenE A.I. Cohen: International Encyclopedia of Women Composers
CohenWE Y.W. Cohen: Werden und Entwicklung der Musik in Israel (Kassel, 1976)
COJ Cambridge Opera Journal
ConnorBG D. R. Connor: BG off the Record: a Bio-discography of Benny Goodman (Fairless Hills, PA, 1958, rev. and enlarged [4]/1988 as Benny Goodman: Listen to his Legacy, addns and corrections, 1996, as Benny Goodman: Wrappin’ it up)
CooverMA J.B. Coover: Music at Auction: Puttick and Simpson (Warren, MI, 1988)
CoussemakerS C.-E.-H. de Coussemaker: Scriptorum de musica medii aevi nova series (Paris, 1864-76/R, 2/1908, ed. U. Moser)
CroceN B. Croce: I teatri di Napoli (Naples, 1891/R, 5/1966)
ČSHS Československy hudební slovník
CSM Corpus scriptorum de musica (Rome, later Stuttgart, 1950-)
CSPD Calendar of State Papers (Domestic) (London, 1856-1972)
Cw Das Chorwerk
DAB Dictionary of American Biography (New York, 1928-37, suppls., 1944-)
DAM Dansk aarbog for musikforskning
Day-Murrie ESB C.L. Day and E.B. Murrie: English Song-Books (London, 1940)
DB Down Beat
DBF Dictionnaire de biographie française (Paris, 1933-)
DBI Dizionario biografico degli italiani (Rome, 1960-)
DBL Dansk biografisk leksikon (Copenhagen, 1887-1905)
DBL2 Dansk biografisk leksikon (Copenhagen, 2/1933-45)
DBL3 Dansk biografisk leksikon (Copenhagen, 3/1979-84)
DBNM Darmstädter Beiträge zur neuen Musik
DBP E. Vieira, ed.: Diccionário biográphico de musicos portuguezes (Lisbon, 1900)
DČHP Dějiny české hudby v příkladech (Prague, 1958)
DDT Denkmäler deutscher Tonkunst
DEMF A. Devriès and F. Lesure: Dictionnaire des éditeurs de musique français
DEUMM Dizionario enciclopedico universale della musica e dei musicisti
DeutschMPN O.E. Deutsch: Music Publishers’ Numbers (London, 1946)
DF Discographical Forum
DHM Documenta historica musicae
Dichter-ShapiroSM H. Dichter and E. Shapiro: Early American Sheet Music
DJbM Deutsches Jahrbuch der Musikwissenschaft
DlabacžKL G.J. Dlabacž: Allgemeines historisches Künstler-Lexikon
DM Documenta musicologica (Kassel, 1951-)
DMt Dansk musiktidsskrift
DMV Drammaturgia musicale veneta (Milan, 1983-)
DNB Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford, 1885-1901, suppls., 1901-96)
DoddI G. Dodd, ed.: Thematic Index of Music for Viols (London, 1980-)
DTB Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Bayern
DTÖ Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich
DugganIMI M.K. Duggan: Italian Music Incunabula: Printers and Type (Berkeley, 1991)
DVLG Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Geistesgeschichte (1923-)
ECCS The Eighteenth-Century Continuo Sonata
ECFC The Eighteenth-Century French Cantata
EDM Das Erbe deutscher Musik
EECM Early English Church Music
EG Etudes grégoriennes
EI The Encyclopaedia of Islam (Leiden, 1928-38, 2/1960-)
EinsteinIM A. Einstein: The Italian Madrigal (Princeton, NJ, 1949/R)
EIT Yezhegodnik imperatorskikh teatrov
EitnerQ R. Eitner: Biographisch-bibliographisches Quellen-Lexikon
EitnerS R. Eitner: Bibliographie der Musik-Sammelwerke des XVI. und XVII. Jahrhunderts (Berlin, 1877/R)
EKM Early Keyboard Music
EL The English School of Lutenist Songwriters, rev. as The English Lute-Songs
EM The English Madrigal School, rev. as The English Madrigalists
EMc Early Music
EMC1 Encyclopedia of Music in Canada (Toronto, 1981)
EMC2 Encyclopedia of Music in Canada (Toronto, 2/1992)
EMDC A. Lavignac and L. de La Laurencie, eds.: Encyclopédie de la musique et dictionnaire du Conservatoire
EMH Early Music History
EMN Exempla musica neerlandica
EMS see EM
EMuz Encyklopedia muzyczne
ERO Early Romantic Opera
ES English Song 1600-1675 (New York, 1986-9)
ES Enciclopedia dello spettacolo
EthM Ethnomusicology
EthM Newsletter Ethno[-]musicology Newsletter
EwenD D. Ewen: American Composers: a Biographical Dictionary
FAM Fontes artis musicae
FasquelleE Encyclopédie de la musique
FCVR Florilège du concert vocal de la Renaissance
Feather ’60s L. Feather: The Encyclopedia of Jazz in the Sixties (New York, 1966/R1986)
FeatherE L. Feather: The Encyclopedia of Jazz (New York, 1955, rev. and enlarged 2/1960/R1984)
Feather-Gitler ’70s L. Feather and I. Gitler: The Encyclopedia of Jazz in the Seventies (New York, 1976/R1987)
Feather-Gitler BEJ L. Feather and I. Gitler: The Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz (New York, and Oxford, England, 1999)
FellererG K.G. Fellerer: Geschichte der katholischen Kirchenmusik (Düsseldorf, 1939, enlarged 2/1949; Eng. trans., 1961/R)
FellererP K.G. Fellerer: Der Palestrinastil und seine Bedeutung in der vokalen Kirchenmusik des 18. Jahrhunderts (Augsburg, 1929/R)
FenlonMM I. Fenlon: Music and Patronage in Sixteenth-Century Mantua (Cambridge, 1980-82)
FétisB F.-J. Fétis: Biographie universelle des musiciens
FétisBS F.-J. Fétis: Biographie universelle des musiciens suppl.
FisherMP W.A. Fisher: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Music Publishing in the United States (Boston, 1933)
FiskeETM R. Fiske: English Theatre Music in the Eighteenth Century (London, 1973, 2/1986)
FlorimoN F. Florimo: La scuola musicale di Napoli e i suoi conservatorii (Naples, 1880-83/R)
Fn Footnote
FO French Opera in the 17th and 18th Centuries (New York, 1983-)
FortuneISS N. Fortune: Italian Secular Song from 1600 to 1635: the Origins and Development of Accompanied Monody (diss., U. of Cambridge, 1954)
Friedlaender DL M. Friedlaender: Das deutsche Lied im 18. Jahrhundert (Stuttgart and Berlin, 1902/R)
FriedwaldB W. Friedwald: A Biographical Guide to the Great Jazz and Pop Singers (New York, 2010)
FrotscherG G. Frotscher: Geschichte des Orgelspiels und der Orgelkomposition (Berlin, 1935-6/R, music suppl. 1966)
FuldWFM J.J. Fuld: The Book of World-Famous Music
FullerPG S. Fuller: The Pandora Guide to Women Composers: Britain and the United States (1629 – Present)
FürstenauG M. Fürstenau: Zur Geschichte der Musik und des Theaters am Hofe zu Dresden (Dresden, 1861-2/R)
GänzlBMT K. Gänzl: The British Musical Theatre (London, 1986)
GänzlEMT K. Gänzl and A. Lamb: Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre
GaspariC G. Gaspari: Catalogo della Biblioteca del Liceo musicale di Bologna, i-iv (Bologna, 1890-1905/R); v, ed. U. Sesini (Bologna, 1943/R)
GerberL E.L. Gerber: Historisch-biographisches Lexikon der Tonkünstler
GerberNL E.L. Gerber: Neues historisch-biographisches Lexikon der Tonkünstler
GerbertS M. Gerbert: Scriptores ecclesiastici de musica sacra potissimum (St Blasien, 1784/R, 3/1931)
GEWM The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music
GfMKB Gesellschaft für Musikforschung: Kongress-Bericht [1950-]
GiacomoC S. di Giacomo: I quattro antichi conservatorii musicali di Napoli (Milan, 1924-8)
GLMT Greek and Latin Music Theory (Lincoln, NE, 1984-)
GMB Geschichte der Musik in Beispielen
GMM Gazzetta musicale di Milano
GOB German Opera 1770-1800, ed. T. Bauman (New York, 1985-6)
GöhlerV A. Göhler: Verzeichnis der in den Frankfurter und Leipziger Messkatalogen der Jahre 1564 bis 1759 angezeigten Musikalien (Leipzig, 1902/R)
GoldJL R. S. Gold: A Jazz Lexicon: an A-Z Dictionary of Jazz Terms (New York, 1964, rev. 2/1975 as Jazz Talk)
GoovaertsH A. Goovaerts: Histoire et bibliographie de la typographie musicale dans les Pays-Bas (Antwerp, 1880/R)
GP Guitar Player
GR Graduale sacrosanctae romanae ecclesiae (Tournai, 1938)
GrayF J. Gray: Fire Music: a Bibliography of the New Jazz, 1959-1990 (New York, 1991)
Grove1[-5] G. Grove, ed.: A Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Grove6 The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Grove7 S. Sadie and J. Tyrell, eds.: The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (2/London, 2001)
GroveA The New Grove Dictionary of American Music
GroveI The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments
GroveJ The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz
GroveJ2 The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (2/2002)
GroveJapan The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Jap. trans.
GroveO The New Grove Dictionary of Opera
GroveW The New Grove Dictionary of Women Composers
GS W.H. Frere, ed.: Graduale sarisburiense (London, 1894/R)
GSJ Galpin Society Journal
GSL K.J. Kutsch and L. Riemann: Grosses Sängerlexikon
GV R. Celletti: Le grandi voci: dizionario critico-biografico dei cantanti
HAM Historical Anthology of Music
HarrisonMMB F.Ll. Harrison: Music in Medieval Britain (London, 1958, 4/1980)
HawkinsH J. Hawkins: A General History of the Science and Practice of Music (London, 1776)
HBSJ Historical Brass Society Journal
HDM W. Apel: Harvard Dictionary of Music
HiFi High Fidelity
HiFi/MusAm High Fidelity/Musical America Edition
HJb Händel-Jahrbuch
HJbMw Hamburger Jahrbuch für Musikwissenschaft
HM Hortus musicus
HMC Historical Manuscripts Commission [Publications]
HMT Handwörterbuch der musikalischen Terminologie
HMw Handbuch der Musikwissenschaft (Potsdam, 1927-34)
HMYB Hinrichsen’s Musical Year Book
HoneggerD M. Honegger: Dictionnaire de la musique
HopkinsonD C. Hopkinson: A Dictionary of Parisian Music Publishers 1700-1950
Hopkins-RimbaultO E.J. Hopkins and E.F. Rimbault: The Organ: its History and Construction (London, 1855, 3/1887/R)
HPM Harvard Publications in Music
HR Hudební revue
HRo Hudební rozhledy
Humphries-SmithMP C. Humphries and W.C. Smith: Music Publishing in the British Isles
HV Hudební věda
IAJRCJ International Association of Jazz Record Collectors Journal
ICSC The Italian Cantata in the Seventeenth Century (New York, 1985-6)
IIM Italian Instrumental Music of the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
IIM Izvestiya na Instituta za muzika
IM International Musician
IMa Instituta et monumenta
IMi Istituzioni e monumenti dell’arte musicale italiana (Milan, 1931-9, new ser., 1956-64)
IMSCR International Musicological Society: Congress Report [1930-]
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