Aug 302011

The bibliography for Iran and Persia is proposed as from to day on a separate page, under “Bibliography > Modality > Maqām > Iran and Persia”.

Aug 282011

An addendum  to the Bibliography for Ancient Greece and Rome is available on the “Antiquity” page (“Bibliography > Modality > Antiquity“), and comprises over 180 entries for modern commentaries.   This completes the previous bibliography (on the same page) for the sources of the music of the Antiquity.

Aug 272011

A new bibliography, Sources of Greek and Roman Modality, has been added today: the bibliography for the modern commentaries will soon be available on our site.

Aug 262011

New specialised bibliographies are available on CERMAA’s site: the first bibliography published to date is the `Ūd Bibliography, to be found under “Bibliography > `Ūd Bibliography”. It comprises a reasoned choice of references on the `Ūd, to be further enriched with time. The second bibliography specialises in the Systematist period.

Aug 232011

The Modality Bibliography for India has been expanded. Please see for more details.

Aug 182011

German Language references have been added to the Bibliography for the Byzantine Chant (“Bibliography > Modality”).

Aug 182011

A new Bibliography for Byzantine Chant, including English language references, has been added as a separate page under Bibliography (“Bibliography > Modality”).

Aug 182011

The Maqām bibliography has been updated and enriched: it is now published separately as a separate page under the “Modality” bibliography menu (“Bibliography > Modality”). Here is the direct link to the updated bibliography.  

Aug 072011

NEMO-Online : Transliteration of Arabic language into Latin languages C o n s o n a n t s Isolated Initial Medial Final Latin ا ا Ā – ā ء ٔ ٕ ʾ ب بـ ـبـ ـب b ت تـ ـتـ ـت t ث ثـ ـثـ ـث th ج جـ ـجـ ـج j ح حـ ـحـ ـح Ḥ – ḥ خ خـ ـخـ ـخ Kh د ـد d ذ ـذ dh ر ـر r ز ـز z س سـ ـسـ ـس s ش شـ ـشـ ـش sh ص صـ ـصـ ـص Ṣ – ṣ ض ضـ ـضـ ـض Ḍ – [more…]