Volume 6 – Nos. 10&11 (2021-2022 upcoming)


NEMO-Online Vol. 6 Nos. 10&11: (all pdf articles in this volume are bookmarked for titles, subtitles and figures / tous les articles au format pdf de ce volume contiennent des marque-pages correspondant aux titres, sous-titres et figures)

NEMO-Online No. / no10:

Amine Beyhom: Further Analyses from the VIAMAP,” Near Eastern Musicology Online 6 10 |2021-11(04)| p. 5–36. (updated)

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Jean During: An Indo-Persian musical treatise: The Tebb-e Dārā Shokuhi, 1646,” Near Eastern Musicology Online 6 10 |2021-11| p. 37–46.

The Tebb-e Dārā Shokuhi is a medical treatise written by a Persian scholar of the Mughal court. It includes a chapter on the art of music considered in particular for its therapeutic properties. The article highlights principal points of this text and identifies its many borrowings from earlier music treaties. The author, who was born in India, had the opportunity to compile these sources, which attest of the wide diffusion in Northern India of the Persian musical culture and of the Greater Khorasan.


Hanene Gharbi (حنان الغربي): تحليل الخطاب الموسيقي لمحمد عبد الوهّاب من خلال أغنية أنت عمري”, Near Eastern Musicology Online 6 10 |2021-11| p. 47–87.

The author proposes a stylistic study of the song “Anta ʿUmrī” composed par Muḥammad ʿAbd-al-Wahhāb and sung by Umm Kulthūm. Through techniques used by the composer along with Kulthūm’s interpretation, she demonstrates the coexistence within the song of traditional and modern elements. Additionally, she proposes the complete score of a performance of this song which is accessible on the web.


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