Nov 262015

English Free download of the articles of Nemo-Online below (click for the pdf version on the corresponding title of each article).  Issue 4 of NEMO-Online and editorial will be available in hard copy and pdf with Issue 5 in Volume 3, November 2016.   NEMO-Online 4 contents : Instrumental facture from its sources in the Ancient Near East to modern times Jean During : ‘The Baluchi benju, a new traditional instrument,’ Near Eastern Musicology Online 3 4 |2015-11| p. 5–12. In the years 1920 a small dulcimer with a keyboard appeared in Karachi, brought by Japanese sailors. This musical toy became an essential Baluchi instrument [more…]

Oct 182012

English NEMO-Online No 2 : Contribution theme. Research groups CERMAA, ICONEA and PLM have the pleasure of calling for papers for the second issue of NEMO on the theme of ‘Modality in all its forms’. All papers welcome including Occidental forms of modality and should respect editorial terms and conditions. Papers to be sent to Richard Dumbrill (rdumbrill[[[]]] and Amine Beyhom (abeyhom[[[]]] Français Thème de NEMO-Online N° 2 Les centres et groupes de recherches CERMAA, ICONEA et PLM ont le plaisir d’annoncer que le deuxième numéro de NEMO sera consacré à “La modalité dans tous ses états” et acceptera les [more…]

Sep 302011

(French) Nous tenons à féliciter Philippe Brunet, membre du comité de rédaction de NEMO-Online, pour sa médaille d’argent (Prix Jules Janin) décernée par l’Académie française pour l’année 2011, pour sa traduction de l’Iliade. Lien vers la page des actualités de l’Académie : (English) Philippe Brunet of the Editorial Board of NEMO-Online has been awarded the silver medal for the Jules Janin Prize of the Académie française for the year 2011 for his translation of Homer’s Iliad (see: Nemo-Online wishes to congratulate him for this achievement.